Should I Invest in St. Petersburg, Florida Rental Properties?

Should I invest in St. Petersburg rental properties

St. Petersburg, Florida, a sunny and vibrant city located in the Tampa Bay area, is one of the best cities to invest in rental properties right now. St. Petersburg holds the Guinness World Record for most consecutive days of sunshine at 768 days, starting back in 1967. If that alone doesn’t convince you that a […]

Florida 1031 Exchange for Residential Rental Properties

Florida 1031 exchange explained

Are you a rental property investor looking to upgrade your portfolio without having to pay a hefty amount of taxes? If so, a 1031 exchange is the perfect opportunity for you. A 1031 exchange may sound intimidating and confusing, but the process is fairly simple to understand when broken down.  As a professional Tampa property […]

Why is my Tampa Rental Property Not Renting?

Why is my Tampa Property Not Renting? - Tampa Property Management

The struggle that Tampa rental property owners are facing right now can be attributed to the exponentially changing climate of Tampa and its rental market over the past few years. Immediately following the COVID-19 pandemic, rent prices were at a record breaking high in Florida; rental property owners were on cloud 9 as doubled rental […]

Benefits of Professional Rental Property Inspections

Embarking on your rental property journey involves much more than finding a tenant and collecting rent each month. Your rental property investment relies on the property owner or property manager’s ability to safeguard the investment. One crucial process in the rental property management journey is professional property inspections.  According to a survey conducted by Buildium, […]

10 Proven Strategies for Tenant Satisfaction in Florida

strategies for tenant satisfaction

Tenant satisfaction should be one of your top priorities as a rental property owner in Florida. No tenant means no source of income, and that’s typically the primary goal of owning a rental property. Taking care of your rental property tenants contributes to not only their satisfaction, but yours as well. As professional Tampa property […]

Tenant Screening in Tampa, Florida for Rental Owner Success

Tenant Screening in Tampa, Florida by Tampa Property Management Company

Tenant screening is one of the most important steps in operating a successful rental property in Tampa, Florida. Checking the financial, background, and rental history of your applicants can play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation and long-term success of your property. Why is Tenant Screening Important in Tampa, Florida? Although there are […]

8 Common Questions About Property Management in Tampa, Florida

Common questions in property management

A reputable Tampa property manager will find value in not only managing your property, but in being a resource to you and your property management journey. Your Tampa property manager should have the ability to answer all of your questions regarding the property management process, the services they provide, and management costs and fees. Here […]

How to Handle Pests In Your Rental Property? | A Florida Landlords Guide

How to handle pests in your rental property

Who is Responsible for Pest Control in a Rental Property? When faced with pests in a rental property, the big question is, “Who deals with this?”. Whether the responsibility of pest control falls on the tenant or the property owner depends on the dwelling type and the lease agreement between the two parties.  According to […]

Top 5 Tampa Areas to Invest in Multifamily Rental Properties

Top 5 areas for multifamily investment in Tampa

Purchasing a multifamily rental property in Tampa can be one of the most prosperous ventures for investors seeking to optimize their income. Multifamily rental properties are a promising investment, especially in one of the nations’ most sought after cities like Tampa, Florida. Multifamily properties are a popular option amongst renters in Tampa, whether it be […]

Tampa Florida Rental Market Update For Long-Term Rentals

Tampa rental market update

Looking back on the 2023 long-term rental market in Tampa, Florida, the primary theme was the looming aftermath effect of the pandemic. As Tampa rental property owners know, the pandemic led to a sharp increase in demand for rental properties in Tampa as people fled urban areas and sought more space.  This, combined with a […]