Top 5 Challenges Tampa Rental Property Owners Face and How to Overcome Them

top 5 challenges tampa rental property owners face

Owning a rental property in Tampa, Florida is a highly profitable investment, but it can also come with its fair share of challenges. From finding the right tenant for your property, to dealing with unexpected damage, Tampa rental property owners must be educated and prepared for the obstacles that come with this investment venture.  Following […]

Pros and Cons of Move-in Specials for My Rental Property 

pros and cons of move in specials

In the midst of the slow season for rental properties, Tampa rental property owners often resort to move-in specials to help fill vacancies and ensure a steady cash flow. A move-in special is an offer extended to renters providing a discount or benefit as an incentive to sign a lease within a given time period. […]

Guide to Investing in Tampa Rental Properties

guide to investing in Tampa rental properties

Tampa Bay is one of the hottest markets for investment rental properties in the United States. Booming with new businesses, upscale hotels, and an unmatched entertainment scene, this sunny paradise makes for the perfect destination to start or grow your investment portfolio. As a property manager in Tampa, I know it can be difficult to […]

What to Do if Your Tenant Doesn’t Pay Rent

what to do if my tenant doesnt pay rent

One of the most common questions we get as property managers is what to do if your tenant doesn’t pay rent. As a rental property owner in Tampa, when your tenant doesn’t pay rent, then you don’t get paid. Although this situation is something that isn’t always predictable, there are steps you can take to […]

Are Accidental Landlords on the Rise? Tampa Property Management Insight

are accidental landlords on the rise in tampa

If you’ve found yourself in the position of an accidental landlord, you’re not the only one. We all know accidents happen, but it may come as a surprise that accidentally owning a rental property has become more common than you might think.  As of 2024, accidental landlords are on the rise. At The Listing Real […]

What Is a Tampa Property Management Maintenance Reserve?

what is a property maintenance reserve account

A property manager is typically hired to take over all daily operations of a rental property, and one operational aspect that allows us to do so is a property management maintenance reserve. A property management maintenance reserve can play a pivotal role in your property management experience and the success of your rental property, as […]

Should I Invest in St. Petersburg, Florida Rental Properties?

Should I invest in St. Petersburg rental properties

St. Petersburg, Florida, a sunny and vibrant city located in the Tampa Bay area, is one of the best cities to invest in rental properties right now. St. Petersburg holds the Guinness World Record for most consecutive days of sunshine at 768 days, starting back in 1967. If that alone doesn’t convince you that a […]

Florida 1031 Exchange for Residential Rental Properties

Florida 1031 exchange explained

Are you a rental property investor looking to upgrade your portfolio without having to pay a hefty amount of taxes? If so, a 1031 exchange is the perfect opportunity for you. A 1031 exchange may sound intimidating and confusing, but the process is fairly simple to understand when broken down.  As a professional Tampa property […]

Why is my Tampa Rental Property Not Renting?

Why is my Tampa Property Not Renting? - Tampa Property Management

The struggle that Tampa rental property owners are facing right now can be attributed to the exponentially changing climate of Tampa and its rental market over the past few years. Immediately following the COVID-19 pandemic, rent prices were at a record breaking high in Florida; rental property owners were on cloud 9 as doubled rental […]

Benefits of Professional Rental Property Inspections

Embarking on your rental property journey involves much more than finding a tenant and collecting rent each month. Your rental property investment relies on the property owner or property manager’s ability to safeguard the investment. One crucial process in the rental property management journey is professional property inspections.  According to a survey conducted by Buildium, […]