What Does a Tampa Property Manager Do? By a Rental Property Manager

Tampa, recently ranked the best place to live in Florida by Forbes, is one of the most rapidly growing cities in the nation. Tampa’s significant growth rate comes with a high demand for housing. Thousands of people are looking for the perfect property to call Tampa home, which significantly benefits Tampa rental property owners. 

Whether you are a first-time or experienced rental property owner in Tampa, renting out your property may be confusing, stressful, or uncomfortable. However, the help of a reliable and experienced property management company may alleviate your stress and ensure that this experience can be enjoyable, profitable, and worthwhile. 

You may be familiar with the term property manager, but what does a Tampa property manager actually do?

Rental Marketing 

As a rental property owner, an essential step in finding the right tenant is marketing your property to a large audience. As experts, property managers provide the marketing tools to allow your property to flourish. Showcasing your single-family home, townhome, condo, or multi-family property is one of the most critical steps in successfully renting your property. This is the first time that future and current residents of Tampa will see your property, and creating a lasting impact will determine the success of your property.

Our team uses the best photographer in the industry; Brian Carlson is an amazing local photographer that can assist with lifestyle and portrait photos of any kind.

Our rental property management is the leader in the property management industry. With professionals that are trained, dedicated, and up to date, only our best quality and up-to-standard marketing will be delivered. The maximum number of viewers will be reached by listing your rental property on 250+ websites with professional photos and video tours, making your property desirable.

Tenant Screening 

Finding the right tenant on your own can be difficult and may even become discouraging, but it doesn’t have to be. When renting your property, you want to find a trustworthy and reliable tenant. A Tampa property manager will be of great use in this process. 

We know how important it is to find a tenant that you can trust. Our hands-on approach to comprehensive tenant screening processes will ensure that the tenant is dependable and the right fit. These processes include credit checks, background checks, income, and employment verification, and past rental history verification. We guarantee that each tenant has been through each process, is responsible and reliable, and is the best tenant for your property. These processes are necessary to determine whether or not this tenant will be your best, most reliable tenant. 

Rent Collection 

Rent collection generates your income and profits, so we have developed an efficient and straightforward rent collection system. A property manager must ensure that rent is collected regularly. Through our property management electronic payments, your tenant will have 24/7, 365 access to their online portal, allowing them to pay rent quickly. Providing the tenant with an easy and navigable system, accessible at any time and place, is vital to ensure smooth and consistent transactions. As a result, our system will allow you to be paid faster than many other Tampa and Orlando property management companies, utilizing direct deposit. 

Property Inspections and Maintenance

To protect rental owners and their investments, it is the responsibility of a property manager to conduct thorough rental property inspections. We utilize technology to proactively report and track move-in/move-out, quarterly exterior, and mid-year interior inspections. 

As a property owner, you want the best for your property. This includes ensuring your property is safe, protected, and maintained for it to thrive. A Tampa property manager will provide these services, ensuring your property is protected and kept at its full potential for you and your tenants. Fast and quality maintenance is a top priority, as we know the upkeep of your property is essential. 

Our around-the-clock emergency maintenance line will ensure your property is protected 24/7. Maintenance and repair services are provided and performed by licensed, bonded, and insured local vendors and contractors. These services come at no upcharge or additional maintenance fees, allowing for a stress-free renting process. As a result, not only will your property be protected, but it will be kept up to the best standards.

Rental Property Accounting 

Maintaining your rental property accounting and tracking your monthly financials may be a complex task to handle on your own. Our expert property managers have abundant knowledge and understanding of the techniques and concepts necessary to do so. Our property managers will track your monthly financials and provide clients with in-depth rental owner statements prepared by a professional bookkeeper. Our in-depth, detailed rental owner statements show rental income, expenses, liability, and equity.

Rental Management Guarantees

The success of your rental property is of utmost importance. Therefore, we offer all of our clients a 12-month tenant guarantee. All of our tenants are responsible, screened, approved, and managed, however; if any tenant vacates prior to the end of their 1-year lease agreement, we will find a new tenant FREE of charge.

With our trained and professional property managers, we are confident in our services and guarantee your satisfaction. However, if the services are not up to your standards at any time, we will be responsive in addressing your concerns, listen to your feedback, and aim to come to a solution. If you are still unhappy and wish to cancel our property management services, you may do so at any time with a 30-day written notice.

Tampa Property Management Summary 

Owning a rental property takes dedication and can be challenging to manage, which is why we are here. Hiring a Tampa property manager will alleviate the stress of owning and renting your property and provide you with best-in-class management services. It is essential that your property is in the hands of a property manager that is trustworthy, transparent, and will put your needs first. Your property manager should be authentic, detail-oriented, and excel and take pride in each property they manage. 

At The Listing Real Estate Management, our years of experience and dedication will provide you with the tools you need for the successful and enjoyable property management experience you deserve. Contact us at The Listing Real Estate Management, your trusted Tampa property management company, to take the next step in maximizing your profits and turning your rental property into a unique and life-changing investment!

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